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Business Intelligence & Data Architecture Project

Technology supporting Analytics

Many organizations come to us and need help moving their technology and business processes from being reactive to proactive. Companies who use the report-driven, reactive business model are missing out on the competitive advantage and revenue generating opportunities a more proactive, insights-driven architecture and infrastructure can provide.

Lsa Consulting uk can deploy cloud based technologies to meet your analytic goals. Lsa Consulting uk can provide best practices around data engineering, making sure your technology is aligned with your analytic goals. Our deep expertise developing and deploying decision support capabilities for numerous clients gives us a unique perspective in how to run a successful analytically-driven architecture project.

If you need big data support, Lsa Consulting uk  has experts who wrangle this data and transform it to acceptable analysis levels. Lsa Consulting uk can also help with small data, helping you design and deploy solutions which integrate from across disparate sources.

Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to view the market equally. Our software development team has deep experience with some of the more popular tools on the market today, open source and licensed. We are confident we bring the right technology to your environment.

What we provide

A BI project often includes the following activities:

  • Detailed data profiling and preparation
  • Data-architecture implementation, tuning, or refactoring
  • ETL implementation, tuning, or refactoring
  • Dashboard and report development
  • Development or implementation of a virtual analytics infrastructure
  • Development of a data-governance or data-stewardship capability

BI project deliverables may include the following:

  • A physical data store meeting requirements for content, duration, physical architecture, change history, data quality, and query performance/scalability
  • An ETL system consistent with the data-store requirements and also meeting requirements for execution time, recovery, and logging
  • A set of dashboards and reports that meet requirements for content, look and feel, and performance
  • A service-oriented analytics architecture
  • An operational data-governance program


Why do I need an assessment?

Do any of the following describe your organization?

  • We are trying to move from a reactive Business Intelligence, descriptive analytics mindset to a proactive, insights-delivering predictive mindset, and we don’t know how to get there.
  • We would like to assess how far down the analytics maturity life-cycle my company is, and need an objective point of view.
  • We believe our organization has the data infrastructure and skill sets in place to start running successful advanced analytics projects, but we are not sure which project should be prioritized.
  • You are leading a large analytics team running successful prescriptive and predictive analysis projects, and you would like a health-check and some fresh approaches.

Lsa Consulting uk is here to help

Lsa Consulting uk  helps companies of all shapes and sizes be more strategic about their use of predictive and prescriptive analytics. We have performed assessments for companies in Retail, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Professional Services, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Energy. Our data science consultants see the same challenges across all groups:

  • How do I make money off my multi-million-dollar data infrastructure investments?
  • What is the correct process for mapping out business cases with the data I have?
  • Which projects are going to be the most profitable?
  • What types of modeling techniques would work best for my road-map?

Lsa Consulting uk comes onsite and reviews your organization’s current data science (DS) and business intelligence (BI) capabilities, infrastructure, and opportunities. Primary activities include the following:

  • Benchmarking analytics and data science to provide a common understanding across the business
  • Facilitating a discussion among key stakeholders of objectives and outcomes
  • Interviewing executives and staff to discover and prioritize promising use cases
  • Review of current, relevant internal data
  • Reviewing third-party (big and small) data sets for potential data enrichment
  • Inventorying hardware and software assets available for (or utilized by) DS and BI
  • Cataloging employee DS and BI skill sets

Deliverables include the following:

  • A readiness and gap analysis (covering technical skills, data assets, and infrastructure) for major DS and BI objectives
  • A problem definition for each use case
  • A roadmap proposing a high-level schedule and strategy
  • Recommendations for developing the organization’s capabilities

Rent a Data Scientist

Many firms tell us they have data science projects they’d like to start immediately, but they lack the relevant data science expertise or enough data scientists during peak demand times. If that’s your situation,  is happy to “rent” you a data scientist (or two) at an hourly rate, with the right skillset, part-time or full-time, for as long as your project requires.

Who are these data scientists?

Lsa Consulting uk  employs data science consultants who have at least 3 years of ‘real-world’ experience. We prefer our folks to be able to solve business problems instead of textbook problems, even though all of our data scientists have Master’s level or above degrees from top institutions in the world.

Our team uses a unique blend of predictive analytics, machine learning, optimization, and data engineering to deliver custom business solutions for our clients. Our data science professionals are ready to collaborate with your business leaders and technical teams to focus on your specific challenges.

This engagement model is meant to be flexible and is a great way to try us out. Past customers have used us to provide data science leadership on a customer lifetime value project, while others have used us to be the go-to-resource for a strategic asset management and demand forecasting initiative for over a year.

Whether you just need extra analytical horsepower to move down your road-map, or are requiring more strategic analytic leadership, Lsa Consulting uk  is here to help with some of the most competitive on-shore rates in the marketplace!

How does it work?

Contact us and let us know you are interested in our Rent a Data Scientist program. Lsa Consulting uk will work with you to assign the right analytical resource for your needs.

We perform most of our engagements remotely, with daily or weekly collaboration to make sure you are getting the best value. We find this saves our customers more budget to spend on actual work rather than hotels and travel costs. Lsa Consulting uk  is willing to negotiate to a certain onsite requirement if necessary, but most of our clients gain sufficient comfort from working with us in the first few weeks that the remote model works just fine for all concerned.

Data Science Project

So, you are ready to start utilizing the power of advanced analytics, or you simply do not have the bandwidth to get all things you need to and need a data science partner. Lsa Consulting uk has supported numerous companies across a wide variety of use cases. Some include:

  • Price elasticity of demand for retailers
  • Demand forecasting of network bandwidth for IT Professionals
  • Demand forecasting for Consumer Goods Organizations
  • Predicting inventory imbalances for Energy companies
  • Forensic data analysis for law firms
  • ICU Saturation Predictions for Hospitals
  • Disease Progression Outcome Management for Healthcare
  • Customer Lifetime Value for Financial Services
  • Network Optimization for Trucking
  • Recommender Engines for Media / Entertainment

Different industries, same challenges

Many organizations are after the same thing, to get value from their data assets and investments. Some are better positioned than others to attack these business challenges. Because we do not limit ourselves to one or two verticals, Lsa Consulting uk can be bring expertise from one to the other. We might see how a retailer is attacking inventory optimization and bring the same principles and modeling approaches to a hospital’s ICU. The inputs might differ, but the underlying mathematical approaches do not.

Speed to value

Lsa Consulting uk is able to ramp up quickly on your business. Our data science consultants can bring value immediately to whatever stage your project is in. Lsa Consulting uk has engaged with companies on business case development to data mining activities to algorithm selection / model development to data engineering to deployment. We collaborate with you to ensure the best outcomes happen. We are dedicated to delivering valuable insights which actually effect how you make decisions. We won’t do a fancy study just so you can have a nice door stop – we want to help change the way you do business. Positive business impact is the value we bring, and bring more quickly.