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Request for Pilot

Request for Pilot

Pilot test is conducted to do preliminary test or study of the system or evaluation activities to try out procedures and make any needed changes or adjustments. A software vendor may pilot test the software application or system prior to the development stage to estimate cost and time as well as foresee risks to take necessary precautions.

LSA Consulting UK has expertise in doing pilot projects and has done number of pilot projects for various clients from the smallest pilot project being a one-month pilot by a team of 3 and the largest being three month pilot by a team of 20.

LSA Consulting UK provides pilot test service that ensures the following benefits to our customers:

  • Evaluation of Experience, test process and methodologies.
  • Predict the standard of test plans and test cases according to the requirements.
  • Confirm your outsourced test teams Experience, domain expertise and their knowledge in the specific software technologies.