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Welcome to LSA Consulting UK

Lsa Consulting uk is a business intelligence & analytics consultancy. Our senior specialists each have an average of 12 years of experience in the field across different sectors – from retail, financial, technology, media & telecoms, government, utilities, e-commerce, postal, leisure and beyond. We work quickly and collaboratively with business and technical stakeholders, and offer practical advice about getting insights from your data.

We help assess your current capabilities, develop an analytics strategy and roadmap, provide impartial evaluation of vendor products, design data architectures and models, develop dashboards, implement data governance, execute your analytics strategy, and help build your internal analytics capabilities.

About Us

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Data Science

Many organizations come to us and need help moving their technology and business processes from being reactive to proactive…

Testing Services

Our consultants deliver action plans that will effectively support your company’s goals & objectives.

Software Development

System development is an important topic, whether in implementation projects or in running operations.

SAP Services

LSA Consulting UK provides end-to-end services and solutions, ranging from supporting strategy…